Pro Kabaddi Auctions 2019 Results – PKL 2019 Costliest Buys of All Teams

Pro Kabaddi Auctions 2019 was full drama with all teams going heavily towards raiders this time. Firstly Retirement declaration of Anup Kumar became biggest talking point for this season then Siddharth desai who will be playing his second season getting sold at price of 1.45 crores to telugu titans caught lot of Eyeballs. We Have Shown Pro Kabaddi Auctions 2019 Results in tabular form below with all important info. PKL 2019 Will start from 19 july with total 12 teams taking part in it.

Pro Kabaddi Auctions 2019 Results – PKL 2019 Players List:

Bengal Warriors:

They Have retained total 4 players with Baldev Singh, Maninder Singh being two elite players & Adarsh T, Ravindra Kumawat as two young players. They have added a New Face sahil in there squad for Pro Kabaddi season 7.

Players NamePrice
Mohammad NabibakhshRs. 77.75 lakh
K PrapanjanRs. 55.5 lakh
Jeeva KumarRs. 31 lakh
Rinku NarwalRs. 20 lakh
Sukesh HedgdeRs. 20 lakh
Amit KumarRs. 17.5 lakh
Rakesh NarwalRs. 16.25 lakh
Mohammad TaghiRs. 15.5 lakh
Amir Santosh DhumalRs. 15.5 lakh
AR AvinashRs. 10 lakh
Vijin ThangaduraiRs. 10 lakh
Bhuvneshwar GaurRs. 10 lakh
Viraj Vishnu LandgeRs. 10 lakh
Dharmendra SinghRs. 10 lakh


Bengaluru Bulls:

Rohit Kumar, Pawan Kumar Sehrawat & Ashish Kumar are three Elite Players retained By Bengaluru Bulls with 2 Two Young retained Players Amit Sheoran & Sumit Singh. They have also added Mohit Sehrawat & Banty as two young players in there squad.

Players NamePrice
Mahender SinghRs. 80 lakh
Vijay KumarRs. 21.25 lakh
Sanjay ShreshthaRs. 10 lakh
Lal Mohar YadavRs. 10 lakh
SandeepRs. 10 lakh
Raju Lal ChoudharyRs. 10 lakh
Vinod KumarRs. 10 lakh
AmanRs. 6 lakh

Dabang Delhi K.C.

Comming with different approach in Pro Kabaddi 2019 Auctions Daband Delhi retained only Two of there elite players Meraj Sheykh & Joginder Narwal.

Players NamePrice
Chandran RanjitRs. 70 lakh
Ravinder PahalRs. 61 lakh
Vijay MalikRs. 41 lakh
Vishal ManeRs. 28.5 lakh
Anil KumarRs. 20 lakh
Saeid GhaffariRs. 16.5 lakh
SombirRs. 10 lakh
Pratik PatilRs. 6 lakh
Neeraj NarwalRs. 6 lakh
SatywanRs. 6 lakh


Gujarat Fortunegiants

Sachin Tanwar & Sunil Kumar are elite players retaied from last years squad while Lalit Chaudhary & Rohit Gulia are two young players that are retained by them.

Players NamePrice
Parvesh BhainswalRs. 75 lakh
Rituraj KoraviRs. 30 lakh
Vinod KumarRs. 26 lakh
GB MoreRs. 21.50 lakh
Amit KharbRs. 17.25 lakh
Abolfazl MaghsoudloumahaliRs. 15.75 lakh
Mohammad Shazid HossainRs. 10 lakh
PankajRs. 10 lakh
Gurvinder SinghRs. 10 lakh
SonuRs. 10 lakh
AbhishekRs. 8 lakh
Sonu GahlawatRs. 6 lakh


Jaipur Pink Panthers

Deepak Niwas Hooda, Sandeep Kumar Dhull are elite players retained By Jaipur Pink Panthers while Ajinkya Pawar & Lokesh Kaushik are young players from last years squad retained by them. They Also added 3 new faces Pavan TR, Sachin Narwal, Sushil Gulia in there squad for PKL 2019.

Players NamePrice
Amit HoodaRs. 53 lakh
Deepak NarwalRs. 30 lakh
Nilesh SalunkeRs. 23.5 lakh
Vishal LatherRs. 25.5 lakh
Sunil SiddhgawaliRs. 20 lakh
Dong Gyu KimRs. 10 lakh
Malinga ChaturangaRs. 10 lakh
KaramvirRs. 6 lakh
Guman SinghRs. 6 lakh


Haryana Steelers

They have retained two Elite Players Kuldeep Singh & Vikash Khandola and added a New Face vinay in there squad.

Players NamePrice
Prashanth Kumar RaiRs. 77.75 lakh
Dharmaraj CheralathanRs. 38.5 lakh
Vikas KaleRs. 34.25 lakh
NaveenRs. 33.5 lakh
Ravi KumarRs. 20 lakh
K SelvamaniRs. 16.5 lakh
Amir Mohammad MalekiRs. 12.5 lakh
Tim PhonchooRs. 10 lakh
Vikram KhandolaRs. 10 lakh
Subhash NarwalRs. 6 lakh


Patna Pirates

Dubki King Pardeep Narwal, Vikas Jaglan & Jawahar Dagar are retained by patna pirates. They have also added a Young Player Mohit in there squad who will be a first timer in Pro Kabaddi.

Players NamePrice
Surender NadaRs. 77 lakh
Neeraj KumarRs. 44.75 lakh
Jang Kun LeeRs. 40 lakh
Mohammad MaghsoudlouRs. 35 lakh
JaideepRs. 35 lakh
Hadi OshtorakRs. 16 lakh
RavinderRs. 10 lakh
Mahendra ChoudharyRs. 6 lakh
AshishRs. 6 lakh


Puneri Paltan

Puneri Paltan is only team to not retain any of there players they have again gone with all of there purse with bidding on the best players for PKL 2019.

Players NamePrice
Nitin TomarRs. 1.20 crore
ManjeetRs. 63 lakh
Surjeet SinghRs. 56 lakh
Girish Maruti ErnakRs. 33 lakh
Darshan KadianRs. 20 lakh
Pawan Kumar KadianRs. 20 lakh
SatpalRs. 20 lakh
Amit KumarRs. 12 lakh
Emad SedaghatRs. 11.25 lakh
Jadhav Balasaheb ShahajiRs. 10.25 lakh
Hadi TijakRs. 10 lakh
Deepak YadavRs. 10 lakh
Sagar b KrishnaRs. 10 lakh


Tamil Thalaivas

Tamil Thalaiwas are looking one of the strongest teams in this season with Players Like Rahul Chaudhari & Ajay Thakur. They Have retained Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, Victor Onyango Obiero as elite players from last years squad and also added Himanshu & M. Abhishek as new young players.

Players NamePrice
Rahul ChaudhariRs. 94 lakh
Ran SinghRs. 55 lakh
Mohit ChhillarRs. 45 lakh
AjeetRs. 32 lakh
Milad SheibakRs. 10 lakh
Shabeer BapuRs. 10 lakh
Yashwant BishnoiRs. 10 lakh
Vineet SharmaRs. 10 lakh


Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans Shocked everyone in Pro Kabaddi 2019 Auctions when they left Rahul Chaudhari But Gone with very high amount for Siddarth Desai. They retained Armaan, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Krushna Madane as Elite Players from last year squad and Manish & Akash Choudhary Two young players added by them for PKL 2019.

Players NamePrice
Siddharth DesaiRs. 1.45 Crore
Abozar MighaniRs. 75 lakh
Vishal BhardwajRs. 60 lakh
Duet JenningsRs. 10 lakh
Amit KumarRs. 10 lakh
C ArunRs. 10 lakh
Suraj DesaiRs. 10 lakh
Suraj KumarRs. 10 lakh
SombirRs. 10 lakh
Mula Siva Ganesh ReddyRs. 10 lakh
Rakesh GowdaRs. 6 Lakh

U Mumba

U Mumba Shown surprising strategy in Pro Kabaddi Auctions 2019 with not retaing there last year star sidharth desai. They Have retained 7 Players from there last year squad in which Anil, Gaurav Kumar, Mohit Balyan, Surender Singh are the young retained players While Fazel Atrachali, Rajaguru Subramanian, Arjun Deshwal are elite retained players.

Players NamePrice
Sandeep NarwalRs. 89 lakh
Rohit BaliyanRs. 35 lakh
Dong Geon LeeRs. 25 lakh
Athul MSRs. 20 lakh
Ajinkya Rohidas KapreRs. 10.25 lakh
Young Chang KoRs. 10 lakh
Abhishek SinghRs. 10 lakh
Vinoth KumarRs. 10 lakh
Harsh VardhanRs. 10 lakh
Harendra KumarRs. 10 lakh


U.P. Yoddha

UP Yodha Have retained 6 Players from there last year squad in which Nitesh Kumar, Aashish Nagar, Azad Singh, Arkam Shaikh are the young retained players While Amit Narwal & Sachin Kumar are elite retained players.

Players NamePrice
Monu GoyatRs. 93 lakh
Shrikant JadhavRs. 68 lakh
Rishank DevadigaRs. 61 lakh
Mohsen MaghsoudloujafariRs. 21 lakh
NarenderRs. 20 lakh
Masud KarimRs. 10 lakh
Surender SinghRs. 10 lakh
Gurveer SinghRs. 10 lakh
GurdeepRs. 10 lakh
AnkushRs. 6.25 lakh

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