PKL 2019 Schedule

Pro Kabaddi 2019 Will start from 20 July 2019 with Telugu Titans hosting U Mumba for the opening match of the season. PKL 2019 Schedule List or Time Table With All Important Updates is Provided in this Post. Twelve teams will fight across 157 matches, 152 league stage and 5 playoffs, to get their hands on the highly esteemed PKL trophy.


PKL 2019 Schedule – Pro Kabaddi Time Table:

 Date Match Venue
 20-Jul-19 U Mumba Vs Telugu Titans  [HYD V MUM] Hyderabad
 20-Jul-19 Benguluru Bulls Vs Patna  Pirates  [BLR V PAT] Hyderabad
 21-Jul-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants [BLR V GUJ] Hyderabad
 21-Jul-19 Telugu titans Vs Tamil Thalaivas  [HYD V CHE] Hyderabad
  22-Jul-19 U Mumba Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers [MUM V JAI] Hyderabad
 22-Jul-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Haryana Steelers  [PUN V HAR] Hyderabad
 24-Jul-19 UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Warriors  [UP V KOL] Hyderabad
 24-Jul-19 Telugu Titans Vs Dabang Delhi K.C.  [HYD V DEL] Hyderabad
 25-Jul-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Tamil Thalaivas [DEL Vs CHE] Hyderabad
 26-Jul-19 UP Yoddha Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants [UP Vs GUJ] Hyderabad
  26-Jul-19 Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates [HYD V PAT] Hyderabad
 27-Jul-19 U Mumba Vs Puneri Paltan  [MUM V PUN] Mumbai
 27-Jul-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengal Warriors [JAI V KOL] Mumbai
 28-Jul-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Haryana Steelers  [DEL Vs HAR] Mumbai
  28-Jul-19 U Mumba Vs Bengaluru Bulls  [MUM Vs BLR] Mumbai
 29-Jul-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates  [CHE Vs PAT] Mumbai
 29-Jul-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Puneri Paltan  [KOL Vs PUN] Mumbai
 31-Jul-19  Haryana Steelers Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers [HAR Vs JAI] Mumbai
 31-Jul-19 U Mumba Vs UP Yoddha  [MUM Vs UP] Mumbai
 01- Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. [GUJ Vs DEL] Mumbai
  02-Aug-19 Telugu Titans Vs UP Yoddha [HYD Vs UP] Mumbai
 02-Aug-19 U Mumba Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants [MUM Vs GUJ] Mumbai
 03-Aug-19 Patna Pirates Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers [PAT Vs  JAI] Patna
 03-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Bengaluru Bulls  [KOL V BLR] Patna
 04-Aug-19 Haryana Steelers Vs Tamil Thalaivas  [HAR Vs CHE] Patna
 04-Aug-19 Patna Pirates Vs Puneri Paltan  [PAT Vs PUN]\ Patna
  05-Aug-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Japir Pink Panthers [DEL Vs JAI] Patna
 05-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Puneri Paltan [GUJ Vs PUN] Patna
 07-Aug-19 UP Yoddha Vs Tamil Thalaivas [UP Vs CHE] Patna
 07-Aug-19 Patna Pirates Vs Haryana Steelers [PAT Vs HAR] Patna
 08-Aug-19 Telugu Titans Vs Bengaluru Bulls [HYD V BLR] Patna
 09-Aug-19  Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba [KOL Vs MUM] Patna
 09-Aug-19 Patna Pirates Vs UP Yoddha [PAT Vs UP] Patna
 10-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Tamil Thalaivas [GUJ Vs CHE] Ahmedabad
 10-Aug-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. [PUN Vs DEL] Ahmedabad
 11-Aug-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Haryana Steelers [BLR Vs HAR] Ahmedabad
 11-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Telugu Titans [GUJ Vs HYD] Ahmedabad
 12-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Telugu Titans [KOL Vs HYD] Ahmedabad
 12-Aug-19 UP Yoddha Vs Bengaluru Bulls [UP Vs BLR] Ahmedabad
 14-Aug-19 UP Yoddha Vs Haryana Steelers  [UP Vs HAR] Ahmedabad
 14-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Bengal Warriors [GUJ Vs KOL] Ahmedabad
 15-Aug-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Puneri Paltan  [JAI Vs PUN] Ahmedabad
 16-Aug-19 U Mumba Vs Patna Pirates [MUM Vs PAT] Ahmedabad
 16-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers [GUJ V JAI] Ahmedabad
 17-Aug-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Bengaluru Bulls Chennai
 17-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Chennai
 18-Aug-19 Haryana Steelers Vs Telugu Titans Chennai
  18-Aug-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Puneri Paltan Chennai
 19-Aug-19 U Mumba Vs Haryana Steelers Chennai
 19-Aug-19 UP Yoddha Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Chennai
 21-Aug-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Bengaluru Bulls Chennai
 21-Aug-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Chennai
 22-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Patna Pirates Chennai
 23-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Patna Pirates Chennai
 23-Aug-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs U Mumba Chennai
 24-Aug-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Telugu titans Delhi
  24-Aug-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Telugu titans Delhi
 25-Aug-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengaluru Bulls  Delhi
 25-Aug-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs UP Yoddha Delhi
 26-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Haryana Steelers Delhi
 26-Aug-19 UP Yoddha Vs Puneri Paltan Delhi
 28-Aug-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Haryana Steelers Delhi
 28-Aug-19 Dabang Delhi K.C.Vs U Mumba Delhi
 29-Aug-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Tamil Thalaivas Delhi
 30-Aug-19 Telugu Titans Vs Puneri Paltan Delhi
 30-Aug-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Patna Pirates Delhi
 31-Aug-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Bengaluru
 31-Aug-19 U Mumba Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Bengaluru
 01-Sep-19 UP Yoddha Vs Bengal Warriors Bengaluru
01-Sep-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Tamil Thaliavas Bengaluru
 02-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Haryana Steelers  Bengaluru
 02-Sep-19 Telugu Titans Vs Tamil Thalaivas Bengaluru
 04-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Bengaluru
 04-Sep-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Patna Pirates Bengaluru
 05-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs U Mumba Bengaluru
 06-Sep-19 Patna Pirates Vs UP Yoddha Bengaluru
 06-Sep-19 Bengaluru Bulls Vs Telugu Titans Bengaluru
 07-Sep-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Kolkata
 07-Sep-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Haryana Steelers Kolkata
 08-Sep-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Tamil Thalaivas Kolkata
 08-Sep-19 Bengal Warrios Vs Puneri Paltan  Kolkata
 09-Sep-19 UP Yoddha Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Kolkata
 09-Sep-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Patna Pirates Kolkata
 11-Sep-19 Haryana Steelers Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Kolkata
 11-Sep-19 Bengal Warriors Vs U Mumba Kolkata
 12-Sep-19  Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Patna Pirates Kolkata
 13-Sep-19 Telugu Titans Vs U Mumba Kolkata
 13-Sep-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Bengaluru Bulls  Kolkata
 14-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants  Pune
 14-Sep-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Haryana Steelers Pune
 15-Sep-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants  Pune

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 15-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Patna Pirates Pune
 16-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs UP Yoddha Pune
 16-Sep-19 Telugu Titans Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Pune
 18-Sep-19 U Mumba Vs UP Yoddha Pune
 18-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Tamil ThalaivasPune
 19-Sep-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Haryana Steelers Pune
 20-Sep-19 Telugu Titans Vs Patna Pirates Pune
 20-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Bengaluru Bulls Pune
 21-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Jaipur
 21-Sep-19 UP Yoddha Vs Tamil Thalaivas Jaipur
 22-Sep-19 U Mumba Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Jaipur
 22-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengal Warriors Jaipur
 23-Sep-19 Patna Pirates Vs Haryana Steelers Jaipur
 23-Sep-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs Bengaluru Bulls Jaipur
 25-Sep-19 Telugu Titans Vs Bengal Warriors Jaipur
 25-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Puneri Paltan Jaipur
 26-Sep-19 Patna Pirates Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Jaipur
 27-Sep-19 U Mumba Vs Bengaluru Bulls Jaipur
 27-Sep-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Telugu Titans Jaipur
 28-Sep-19 Haryana Steelers Vs UP Yoddha Panchakula
 28-Sep-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Tamil Thalaivas Panchakula
 29-Sep-19 Puneri Paltan Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Panchakula
 29-Sep-19 Haryana Steelers Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Panchakula
 30-Sep-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Panchakula
 30-Sep-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs U Mumba Panchakula
 02-Oct-19 U Mumba Vs Patna Pirates  Panchakula
 02-Oct-19 Haryana Steelers Vs Bengaluru Bulls Panchakula
 03-Oct-19 Telugu Titans Vs Puneri Paltan Panchakula
 04-Oct-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Bengaluru Bulls Panchakula
 04-Oct-19 Haryana Steeler Vs Telugu Titans Panchakula
 05-Oct-19  UP Yoddha Vs Dabang Delhi K.C. Greater Noida
 05-Oct-19 Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs Patna Pirates Greater Noida
 06-Oct-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Patna Pirates Greater Noida
 06-Oct-19 UP Yoddha Vs Puneri Paltan Greater Noida
 07-Oct-19 Telugu Titans Vs Gujarat Fortune Giants Greater Noida
 07-Oct-19 Tamil Thalaivas Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Greater Noida
 09-Oct-19 Bengal Warriors Vs Tamil Thalaivas Greater Noida
 09-Oct-19 UP Yoddha Vs Telugu Titans Greater Noida
 10-Oct-19 U Mumba Vs Haryana Steelers Greater Noida
 11-Oct-19 Dabang Delhi K.C. Vs U Mumba Greater Noida
 11-Oct-19 UP Yoddha Vs Bengaluru Bulls Greater Noida
 14-Oct-19 League Rank 3 Vs League Rank 6 PKL Playoffs
 14-Oct-19 League Rank 4 Vs League Rank 5 PKL Playoffs
 16-Oct-19 League Rank 1 Vs Winner Eliminator 1 PKL Playoffs
 16-Oct-19 League Rank 2 Vs Winner Eliminator 2 PKL Playoffs
 19-Oct-19 Winner SemiFinal 1 Vs Winner SF 2 PKL Playoffs


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